Baulkham Hills Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist from Only $!

Baulkham Hills Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist

There’s no need to let a blocked sewer drain cause damage to your property when you can hire a licensed plumber to rectify the situation for a cost-effective price. While you could use something like Draino or a homemade solution of vinegar and baking soda to unclog some blocked drains, you may end up exacerbating the problem depending on the cause. If you’d rather feel safe than sorry regarding the condition of your property, you should call us for professional sewer blockage clearing.

Here at Sewer Surgeon, we’ve been a leading team of drainage specialists in Baulkham Hills 2153 for many years, providing services including routine sewer cleaning, sewer pipe relining and everything in between. Even though all our plumbers are highly experienced and fully qualified, they undergo constant training to remain up to date with the latest safety regulations and industry standards, meaning you’re in safe hands when you choose us to treat your blocked drains in Baulkham Hills.

We know that problems can arise at inconvenient times, which is why our plumbers are ready to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you think you’re having problems with your drains and piping, don’t hesitate to call our very professional drainage specialists, and we’ll be with you right away.

Your Affordable and Dependable Baulkham Hills Drain Cleaner

It’s crucial to know what’s causing your Baulkham Hills blocked pipes so that the correct repairs can be completed the first time, which is why we get to the root of the problem using a specialist drain camera. Using this advanced piece of equipment, we can inspect every nook and cranny of your damaged pipes without having to tear down your walls to gain access, ensuring your home remains in pristine condition.

As mentioned above – you should always determine the cause of the problem with your damaged pipes before attempting to repair them. DRAINO can react with substances blocked in your pipes, leading to chemical corrosion in certain situations. Fortunately, when you take advantage of our plumbing services, you can feel confident that your drainage system will be back up and running in no time.

Here are some of the most common causes of blocked pipes and sewer drains:

  • Tree roots can cause blockages in your underground pipes if they penetrate the seams
  • A build-up of toiletries, such as sanitary items and baby wipes, can clog up your toilet and drains
  • Traditional soap bars have a nasty habit of causing blocked drains
  • Cooking oils, fats and greases can cause blockages when they congeal
  • Hair can bind together and result in clogs, which is why we recommend installing your shower drain with a hair trap
  • As your pipes age and decay, spillages and blockages can be consequences

In some cases, a standard household plunger can effectively unblock your drains. In other situations, a pressure washer may be required to move a build-up of debris in your pipes. If your pipes have broken, we may need to reline them to return your drainage system to full working order.

Pipe Relining in Baulkham Hills

A relatively modern pipe repair technique, pipe relining refers to the process of sealing the gaps and seams in your existing broken pipe by installing an additional pipe inside. Fortunately, this treatment requires no property alterations or garden excavation works, making it both cost-effective and non-invasive. If you want to learn more about pipe relining, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Don’t let a faulty drainage system compromise the condition of your home – pick up the phone and contact us on 1300 734 677 when you suspect broken or blocked pipes and drains.

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