Croydon Park Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist from Only $!

Croydon Park Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist

Have you noticed that one or more of your sinks, showers and bathtubs are failing to drain as quickly as they ought to? If just one of your drains seems problematic, there’s probably an issue with the fixture itself. However, two or more faulty drains suggest that you have blocked pipes in Croydon Park. If neglected, damaged pipes can have a multitude of negative consequences for your home, which is why you should call a licensed plumber to diagnose and repair the issue without delay.

Here at Sewer Surgeon, we’re one of the longest-standing companies for sewer blockage clearing and drain cleaning in the vicinity of Croydon Park 2133. We’ve remained one of the area’s leading teams of very professional plumbers for so long because in addition to our wealth of experience, we undergo constant training to remain on top of the latest industry developments. As a result, we offer services ranging from routine sewer cleaning to emergency sewer pipe relining, and you won’t find a better value company in the area.

If you notice a blocked sewer drain in the middle of the night, you’ll be glad to know that our emergency plumbers can reach your home quickly regardless of the time. We operate around the clock, 365 days a year, so give us a call when you need assistance from professionals you can trust.

Your Local Croydon Park Drain Cleaning Service

A sewer blockage can occur for all sorts of reasons, some of which are preventable. If you’d rather minimise the chances of your home suffering from blocked drains in Croydon Park, you should bear the following tips in mind:

  • Never rinse oil, fat or grease down the sink. When they congeal, they can lead to blocked drains, and store-bought products such as DRAINO can end up making matters worse.
  • To prevent hair from clogging your shower drains, you should always use a hair trap and make sure to keep it clean.
  • Avoid planting trees close to the main sewage line buried beneath the garden because tree roots can penetrate the seams in pipes to access moisture.
  • Have your gutters professionally cleaned at least once a year.
  • Also, having your drainage system maintained at least once every two years is a smart idea that could help you save hundreds of dollars in repair costs.
  • Don’t try to repair your blocked drains unless you have the required training and are confident you know what’s causing the problem.

Many Croydon residents attempt to fix drain blockages without help when trying to save money. Unfortunately, they often make matters worse in the process. We guarantee to get to the root of your drainage problem by using specialist drain cameras. In most cases, we can use a pressure washer to return your pipes to full working order. However, in more severe situations, we may have to repair your drainage system via pipe lining.

The Benefits of Croydon Park Pipe Relining

Pipe relining, which requires no costly garden excavation work, refers to the process of fixing in place an additional pipe inside your broken sewer line. A cost-effective and non-invasive form of pipe repair, pipe lining can add years to the lifespan of your entire drainage system, making it a worthwhile investment whether you’re experiencing problems or not. Learn more about pipe lining by calling our experts today.

Call a Professional, Responsive and Reliable Croydon Park Drain Cleaner

If you notice slow-draining sinks, foul odours from your pipes, an overflowing toilet, strange gurgling sounds in your walls or a waterlogged garden, then you should call the plumbers at Sewer Surgeon on 1300 734 677 to survey and repair your drainage system to the highest industry standards.

We cover all areas in Inner West Sydney, such as Burwood (2136), Enmore (2042), Haberfield (2045) and Drummoyne (2047)

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