Gordon Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist from Only $!

Gordon Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist

If you think that you may have damaged or blocked pipes in Gordon, you’d be wise to call the experts for professional help as soon as possible. If left to exacerbate, broken pipes and blocked drains can wreak havoc on your drainage system and ultimately your property’s condition, which is why you should have small problems repaired before they have a chance to become severe. Fortunately, if you need a team of licensed plumbers for sewer blockage clearing in Gordon (2072), you’ve already come to the right place.

Here at Sewer Surgeon, we’ve been a leading drain cleaner in Gordon and the surrounding areas for years, and thanks to the skills of our exceptional and fully qualified plumbers, no pipe repair task is beyond our capabilities. From sewer pipe relining to pipe replacements and everything in between, we know how to return your damaged drainage system to full working order in no time at all, and we aim to remain the best-value team of plumbers in the area.

To ensure we complete the correct repairs the first time, our plumbers will survey your drainage system using sophisticated drain cameras. Then, once we know the cause of your blocked sewer drain, we’ll eliminate the problem so that you can remain safe and hygienic in a fully-functional home. The next time you need help with fixing blocked drains in Gordon, look no further than Sewer Surgeon.

High-Value Sewer Cleaning from Experts You Can Trust

Needless to say, keeping the need for drainage repairs to a minimum is ideal, which is why we recommend hiring our plumbers for professional drain clearing once every two years, preferably on an annual basis. Having your gutters professionally cleaned every so often can also pay dividends in the long run.

Sometimes, knowing that your pipes are experiencing problems isn’t always easy, but if you notice any of the following signs, you’d be wise to call the experts at Sewer Surgeon without delay:

  • Damp patches near the pipes in your walls

If your pipes are leaking, the consequences will likely include damp patches or streaks.

  • A waterlogged garden

Similarly, if the main sewer line buried beneath your garden is leaking, you may notice that certain areas of your garden are persistently wet.

  • Leaking taps

This problem is easy to ignore, especially when you’re trying to save money, but it could indicate an issue with your drainage system.

  • Slow drains

One slow drain indicates an issue within the fixture, but several slow drains suggests something may be amiss with your sewer system.

  • Gurgling sounds

If your pipes are unable to let waste flow through efficiently, you may be able to hear some faint gurgling sounds emanating from your walls.

  • Foul odours

As you might expect; if your pipes are clogged with sewage and rotting food, an unpleasant smell could be a consequence.

Gordon Pipe Relining

We always try to repair problematic pipes using the least invasive technique possible, which is why we proudly offer a pipe lining service. Pipe lining, or relining, involves installing a new pipe inside the cracked one, sealing all gaps to return your drains to full working order. Whether your pipe has broken in certain segments or has been invaded by tree roots, pipe lining represents the most cost-effective form of pipe repair.

Contact the Trusted Gordon Drain Cleaning Service

If you won’t settle for anything but the very best plumbers in Gordon to restore your pipes to full working order, then you should call the experts at Sewer Surgeon on 1300 734 677.

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