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Who We Are

Sewer Surgeon Pty Ltd offers high quality and reliable plumbing, maintenance, roofing and renovation services to customers across strata, real estate, residential and commercial sectors. Delivering cost effective, customer-focused services, Sewer Surgeon is a family owned & operated business with more than 63 years’ combined experience, founded on old-school values – honesty, transparency, respect and trust.


Our Mission

To be a recognized and respected organization in our industry, well known in our target markets for the strength of our customer service & quality workmanship, our focus on compliance and safety, and our honest and ethical approach.

Our Business

Sewer Surgeon has a demonstrated track record in providing maintenance plumbing services to our trusted Real Estate partners.

We place great emphasis in open and honest communication, to ensure our customers understand the scope of services to be provided, as well as associated pricing. We ensure time requirements are accurately assessed, in order to commit to deadlines for completion of works. In addition, our team goes over and above to provide prompt and effective communication with our customers at all stages of the process.

Our team of plumbers have a strong understanding of the Australian Standards, as well as relevant codes of practice and safety requirements. Our company maintains strict policies and procedures to guarantee we meet all standards of safety and quality of service.

We invest heavily in our staff’s professional development, with our team members regularly undertaking ongoing training to maintain a high caliber set of skills. This means when you partner with Sewer Surgeon, you know you are in safe hands.

Partnership Approach

When you engage Sewer Surgeon you can expect partnership, collaboration and a steadfast commitment to service excellence. This approach results in a personalised service, proven to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and best practice solutions. Sewer Surgeon strives to create long lasting relationships with all our clients, both large and small, with a focus on providing innovative plumbing solutions:

  • Taking pride in our commitment to detail, open communication, customer satisfaction and rigorous safety standards of both our workforce and our clients.
  • Full suite of plumbing, roofing and maintenance services to meet all of your project needs.
  • Presentable and personable staff who can effectively communicate with our customers.
  • Regular communication during work orders and follow up maintenance services post-completion.
  • Commitment to accountability and prompt resolution of any post-work issues identified.


Safety and People

At Sewer Surgeon, we inspire a strong culture of education, honesty, accountability, trust, integrity, and hard work to maintain a high-performance workforce who can meet and exceed our customers’ needs. 

We strive to maintain a safe working environment through the introduction and rigorous adherence to our self-created “Sewer Safe” guidelines – based on 3 principles of personal responsibility, support and positive reinforcement. Our employees and our business affiliates are encouraged to report all work-place safety issues, so that our workforce remains comfortable at all times knowing that even minor work accidents are investigated, with a view to improving safety procedures and mitigating the risk of serious workplace injuries. With an emphasis on regular check-ins regarding the mental health and well-being of our staff, we focus on creating a culture of reporting all injuries as part of our continuous journey to maintaining a safe work environment. Safety reporting includes notification and documentation of ongoing medical care & support to return to work for any work-place injuries. In addition, post-incident risk mitigation reviews are completed, to ensure company protocols were adhered to for any injuries which arise, as well as sharing of incidents and responses between team members to avoid repeat of any incidents. 

Who We Work With

Sewer Surgeon is proud to work with some of the leading Real Estates, in Sydney.



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Sewer Surgeon is proud to work with some of the leading Strata Agencies in Sydney.