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What Problems do You Face With Blocked Drain Pipes? If your home or office space is flooded with the water or in the worst-case scenario with raw sewage then the chances for clogged or blocked drains will increase.        What causes the problem of blocked drains? There are many possibilities out there that may cause the problem of blocked drains, but the results in all the cases are the same. This issue will not allow your water to flow at a smooth rate. Here are some of the most usual causes related to the blocked drain & how you need to take care of them. The tree roots Together with the branches, the roots can also spread out in all directions, so if you have a huge tree with the large roots, then they might puncture your pipes and can cause a complete blockage to them. The layout of the pipes needs to be understood while planting the trees in Sydney. Also, you need to take care of the tree’s future growth. Cooking grease Instead of putting all your cooking grease in your sink, you should pour it into your empty coffee container or other tin. You need to through your remaining rubbish into your bin. Throwing the cooking grease in your sink needs the help of blocked drains Sydney plumber for effective solutions. Hair Your hair in the toilet bowl or while emptying the sink after you have performed the shave might cause drains at any point of time. Hair can be tangled within the drainage system and will cause a serious issue. For all issues relating to Blocked drains Sydney, Sewer Surgeon can help you in completely avoiding this scenario with the help of proper cleaning solutions and resolving the drainage issues. Personal Care Items If you are a person who frequently flushes out your personal care items like baby wipes, feminine products, cotton pads, then these products will not break-down the same way your toilet paper does by flushing method in-fact they will get bigger and bigger and can likely to get e caught in your drainage system and finally leads to a blockage. So while using the personal care items always wind them up in the landfill if the products are they are large & non-biodegradable. Foreign Objects Whether you do it intentionally or not, but the foreign objects like jewellery, debris, toys can contribute to the blocked pipes Sydney at any point in time. Sometime even small particles of your leftover food like leaves of tea or coffee may create havoc inside the drainage pipes all over again. A basket or a container can help you a lot for properly arranging the toys and putting your leftover food instead of sending it directly to your drainage pipes. Organising, cleaning solutions with complete site inspection will help you Avoiding the drainage interlocking is not a convenient option to choose. If you see slow draining, an awful smell or gurgling noises, then it’s better to act as soon as possible to fix blocked drains Sydney without any hesitation.