Wahroonga Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist from Only $!

Wahroonga Plumber – Blocked Drain Repairs, Pipe Relining, and Sewer Specialist

If neglected, a blocked sewer drain can have serious consequences for your home, from mould growth to structural issues. Fortunately, provided you call a licensed plumber to address the issue sooner rather than later, blocked drains needn’t be anything more than a minor nuisance. Utilising the latest technology and most advanced repair treatments, we can clear your Wahroonga blocked drains regardless of the cause of the problem or how severe it is, and we won’t be beaten on price.

Here at Sewer Surgeon, we’ve provided leading plumbing services to residents and businesses in Wahroonga (2076) and the surrounding areas for years, and we remain operational 24 hours a day to ensure we can respond to emergencies no matter when they arise. From pressure washing to pipe lining, our drainage specialists are well-versed in all the latest techniques to restore your broken pipes to full working order, and we cover our work with exceptional warranties for your peace of mind.

If you suspect you have a sewer blockage, whether it’s due to foul odours in your home or slow-draining sinks, then we highly recommend calling us as soon as possible so that we can rectify the situation before it spirals out of control. Even if you only need some general advice, we’re just a phone call away.

A Highly Recommended Wahroonga Drain Cleaning Service

If you’re trying to keep hold of your finances, you might be tempted to use a store-bought product such as Draino to repair your sewer pipes rather than call our professionals. Unfortunately, if such a product reacts with anything stuck in your drains, it could make matters worse. If you’d rather do what’s best for your finances in the long run, you should call a drain cleaner in Wahroonga to diagnose your drainage problem before attempting to carry out any pipe repairs.

Our plumbers will arrive at your property equipped with a specialist CCTV drain camera, which can be used to accurately identify the cause of your blocked pipes. If the problem is concerned with a clog, whether it’s due to hair, food or cooking oil, we can likely remedy the issue by using a pressure washer. However, if tree roots have penetrated your underground pipes or there are any breakages in your main sewer line, we’ll need to turn to pipe lining to restore your drainage system to its previous working condition.

Long-Lasting Repairs for Wahroonga Blocked Pipes

Pipe relining in Wahroonga is a relatively modern way to fix pipes without having to replace them. Developed in the 1970s, pipe relining involves installing a new, extra-durable pipe inside the problematic one, sealing all openings that can cause spillages and blockages. Even though the process can add years or even decades to the lifespan of your entire sewer system, it’s incredibly cost-effective because it requires no costly excavation works.

In addition to being non-invasive and high-value, pipe lining takes just a matter of hours to complete. If you notice any of the following signs, you should call a licensed plumber to see if your pipes need relining:

  • A constantly waterlogged garden
  • Damp patches on your walls, ceilings or floors, especially in areas close to pipes
  • Two or more slow draining sinks – if you have just one slow drain, the problem is probably concerned with the fixture itself
  • The smell of sewage or rotting food in and around your property

Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Pipe Relining and Sewer Blockage Clearing in Wahroonga 2076

Thanks to the training, skills and qualifications of our licensed plumbers, no pipe repair task is beyond our capabilities, so call us on 1300 734 677 the next time you need help from professionals you can trust.

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