If you think that you may have blocked pipes in Sydney, then you need to take action quickly to prevent the issue from spiraling out of control and causing unnecessary damage to your property. Even seemingly minor problems can indicate a much more severe underlying issue, which is why we highly recommend calling our qualified plumbers for advice if you suspect you have a broken pipe or blocked sewer drain. At Sewer Surgeon, we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring we can promptly respond to emergencies to prevent your plumbing issue from becoming increasingly damaging and costly to fix. Whether you need urgent repairs or routine sewer blockage clearing, you can count on us to complete the task to the highest industry standards.

Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaner in Sydney

Sometimes, drain blockages can be fixed using store-bought products, such as DRAINO. Other times, homemade remedies such as solutions containing vinegar and baking soda, can both repair blocked drains and sewers as well as eliminate lingering odours. However, without the required plumbing experience and training, you risk making matters worse which is why we highly recommend taking advantage of our drain cleaning service in Sydney if you notice any of the following signs:

Foul odours

When your drains or sewage pipe become blocked, waste can start to rot. As a result, you’ll notice a foul odour that’s often impossible to eliminate without help from professional plumbing services.

Slow-draining shower

A slow-draining shower may indicate a problem with the fixture itself. However, slow-draining sinks, toilets and showers signal that you have a clogged sewer pipe that needs cleaning, repairing or both.

Strange sounds

Those gurgling noises coming from your pipes are more than just frustrating. They may mean that your sewer pipe isn’t allowing wastewater to drain as it should.

In most cases, we can restore your drains to full working order in no time at all and for a competitive price. However, in situations where your sewer pipe has broken, we may need to fix the problem via pipe lining.

What Is Sewer Pipe Relining in Sydney?

Pipe relining in Sydney refers to the process of essentially sealing an additional pipe inside your broken sewage pipe. Because our pipes are seamless, they can help prevent gaps and cracks from causing leaks and blockages. Even if your sewer isn’t blocked, you can extend its lifespan by having it relined.

Not all blocked sewer pipes require relining, but some of the most common issues that call for such action include:

Tree roots

Tree roots will stop at nothing to reach the source of moisture they require, which is why they often invade gaps and cracks in your sewer pipe.


Blockages can cause all sorts of chemical reactions in your pipes. If they lead to a breakage, you may need your pipe relining.


As you might expect, ageing and general degradation can cause problems with your drains, pipes and sewer.

We use a specialist drain camera to accurately diagnose the issue that’s causing your blocked pipes in Sydney, allowing us to not only fix your pipes correctly the first time but also keep the repair costs to a minimum. If you’d rather avoid the need for pipe repairs, you’d be wise to call us for sewer cleaning at least once every two years.

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