Our Quality Assurance Guarantee

For peace of mind, and assurance that you’re getting the best plumbing service in the industry we guarantee:

  • Upfront pricing

    There will be no unexpected charges in our upfront pricing system, including quotes

  • On time guarantee

    Our tradesmen will arrive in the agreed timeframe. Should we arrive late, you'll receive a phone call.

  • Honest and courteous service

    Our clean, professional and friendly tradesmen have been hand-picked for our team. They will provide an honest and courteous service, as guaranteed

  • Meticulous diagnosis

    Our hand-picked team provides an exacting service and is able to diagnose the most difficult draining issues

  • Surgical precision

    Once the plumbing problem has been diagnosed, our team offers a professional approach from start to finish, ensuring your drains are back in shape

  • 24 hour, seven day service

    Every hour is a working hour and our services are available around the clock

  • Money back guarantee

    What we quote, we complete; if we can't complete a job we quote, you don't pay

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